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Jobs Tool v.3 (Job Management Tool)

Jobs Tool v.3 (JT3) was originally a side project I created as a self challenge. Now at Sol Design FX, JT3 has became our studio's proprietary software to manage our day to day project assets and submit renders to our render farm via Rush Queue.

For ease of support and maintenance, all the preferences and templates can be easily changed by editing a simple corresponding xml file. JT3 also uses relative paths with nested xml file for each job/shot/element, so a whole project can be copied to a different server or machine without breaking anything.

The software is built by using only Python, PyQT and XML.


-- Setup each job with predefined folder structures
-- Set default templates for new element files and launching file in defined software(s)
-- Save job/shot/element information (frames, resolution, notes... etc)
-- Duplicate shots while replacing referenced files for ascii files (e.g. *.ma, *.nk)
-- Import and Exporting shots/elements between jobs
-- Batch editing element information
-- Submit single or multiple elements and frames to render
-- Support multiple softwares including Maya, 3ds Max, Nuke, Realflow, After Effects
-- UNC and mapped network drive conversion can easily add new software via xml
-- Automatically load all image sequences from current shot when creating new Nuke element
-- Save individual user's preferences and history

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JT3 screen shoot

JT3 screen shoot

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